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Non-Pharmacy Products and Services

Thanks to our cooperative with Pharmasave Drugs LTD., TrustCare offers a wide range of “non-pharmacy” products and services.

Incontinence Care Products

Full selection of incontinence products and supplies absorbent incontience pads, adult diapers, baby diapers, youth diapers, underpads, and wipes.Protective Briefs & Underwear, Bladder Control Devices

Skin Care and Wound Management Products

We provide a wide variety of skin care and wound management products including film dressings, compression systems, foam and skin skin-friendly padding and much more.

Mobility Devices (ADP)

Equipment that is required for ongoing daily mobility. We provide mobility products and assistive devices, products include wheelchairs, bathroom safety equipment, hospital equipment, scooters, walkers, canes and lifts.


Our Services
eMAR and Technology Options
TrustCare offers eMAR to all homes. Want to be among the most efficient and safe in medication administration?
Education and Skills Training
TrustCare provides up-to-date information and continuous skill advancement courses that make all the difference to those you serve.
Programs for Residents
Residents need more attention. Quarterly MedsChecks, one-on-one consultations and in-services are the norm from TrustCare.
Wound Care Support
Our on-call Nurse Clinician can provide support on wound care and other sensitive matters as they arise.
Special Apps and Tools
Our "Call Me" App for immediate Care team support and Digital Pill Recognition App are some of the ways TrustCare is the leader in technology.
Resources and Tools
Your care team needs as much support as they can get. Our CARE Portal provides tons of Video Training, useful tools, forms and much more.
Medication Adherence Programs
Our unique adherence programs help residents by ensuring medications are taken as prescribed. Learn more.
Physiotherapy and Exercise
We offer physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation for residents from our partner affliates. Learn more.
Equipment and Supplies
Your Choice of Complete Compliment of Equipment and Supplies of medication carts, Digital pen, laptop, Fax machines and much more.
Special Programs
TrustCare offers custom-made programs for care team staff and residents, designed to meet the needs of your home. It’s how we become really engaged as a part of your team and together provide better resident care.
Peer Information Sharing
Access and share best practices with your fellow care teams across the country. Our Peer Sharing lets you share and learn.