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Better Technology Provides More Accuracy, Less Human Error

Wonder why your current pharmacy may have so many medication errors?

The Big Box pharmacies manually enter the same resident data in to two or three systems!

From dispensing to information management to delivery tracking, our industry-leading technology minimizes time and errors so your resident care is more focused and precise.

Our process provides for complete integration – medication ordering, dispensing, delivery and MAR management.   
All data is shared, updated and stored in seamless fashion. We use paperless systems with barcoding and scanning to efficiently and accurately manage medications from the time of order to administration in your community, in real time.

This gives you a more reliable medication management system, and some peace of mind! 

We're dedicated to researching and deploying technology that helps you deliver quality resident care and achieve organizational excellence.

We judiciously evaluate the benefits of all technological advancements and invest in the ones that continuously improve our service at a competitive cost.

Want to be among the most efficient and safe in medication administration?

The TrustCare eMAR + Ordering + Dispensing System. The only completely automated solution in Ontario.

Simplification of medication management system: reducing paperwork, eliminating time consuming steps and reduced medication errors.

“We thought that one med error per week was just the norm until we switched to TrustCare Pharmacy. Now we haven’t seen a med error in nearly 4 months. I’m really impressed with their thoroughness...and communication.”
—Dustin XXX , Director of Care

Technology that streamlines communication and helps eliminate errors
Proper use of technology allows us to link your community and our pharmacy in order to improve, simplify, document and streamline communications. TrustCare uses paperless systems, document management, barcoding and scanning to efficiently and accurately track medications from the time of order receipt to delivery in your community. We offer you:

  • Web-based portals linking your community directly with our pharmacy for online medication ordering, access to the most up-to-date drug profiling and utilization data, patient demographics and other vital clinical information.
  • Communication system technology that has interface capabilities so that we can communicate with your community’s system.
  • eMAR/Clinical compliance systems to streamline your internal processes. Nurses and Caregivers will have real-time data accessible at all times, simplifying updating and ordering; a portable medication profile with previous history; timely information on changed, discontinued and new orders; as well as automated reporting to improve caregiver workflow. Among their many benefits, automated paperless systems eliminate transcription errors and lower overall costs.
Our Services
eMAR and Technology Options
TrustCare offers eMAR to all homes. Want to be among the most efficient and safe in medication administration?
Education and Skills Training
TrustCare provides up-to-date information and continuous skill advancement courses that make all the difference to those you serve.
Programs for Residents
Residents need more attention. Quarterly MedsChecks, one-on-one consultations and in-services are the norm from TrustCare.
Wound Care Support
Our on-call Nurse Clinician can provide support on wound care and other sensitive matters as they arise.
Special Apps and Tools
Our "Call Me" App for immediate Care team support and Digital Pill Recognition App are some of the ways TrustCare is the leader in technology.
Resources and Tools
Your care team needs as much support as they can get. Our CARE Portal provides tons of Video Training, useful tools, forms and much more.
Medication Adherence Programs
Our unique adherence programs help residents by ensuring medications are taken as prescribed. Learn more.
Physiotherapy and Exercise
We offer physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation for residents from our partner affliates. Learn more.
Equipment and Supplies
Your Choice of Complete Compliment of Equipment and Supplies of medication carts, Digital pen, laptop, Fax machines and much more.
Special Programs
TrustCare offers custom-made programs for care team staff and residents, designed to meet the needs of your home. It’s how we become really engaged as a part of your team and together provide better resident care.
Peer Information Sharing
Access and share best practices with your fellow care teams across the country. Our Peer Sharing lets you share and learn.