Pharmacy Services

Get the right drugs, to the right people at the right time.

Medication Dispensing

TrustCare Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy that specializes in servicing assisted living and long-term care homes. That means that we fill and deliver medications to healthcare facilities, including long-term care facilities for the elderly, retirement homes, assisted living sites, domiciliary and group homes, developmental disability and hospice facilities.

Here are details about how our services help our customers’ staff and, ultimately improve the care that their residents experience.

An efficient system

We dispense drugs daily by delivering them directly to each nursing station via one of our own uniformed couriers. Medications are pre-packaged in unit of use for each resident, on a medication delivery cart customized to meet your facility’s needs, thereby reducing staff time spent handling medications. All resident medications are tracked electronically to simplify reordering.

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